Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A first time for everything!

Ok. So this is really my first time blogging. Ever. Except for a short and poorly written blog on my myspace page. :) It was something awful. Many of our friends have started blogging, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Of course most of our friends who blog have children to blog about, or have moved away and used blogging as a means of staying in touch. Well, you get to hear all about what's going on with The Runyan's.

Brian and I have finally settled down into a house in Valley Station and we're lov
ing it! God called us to serve at Highview Baptist Church - Valley Station Campus about a year and a half ago, and I am so thankful we responded to the Lord's calling. We have such wonderful friends and church family surrounding us.

Last year I began my business with Premier Designs Jewelry. I never in my life thought I would pursue a "job" in direct sales. Never. Ever. Nor did I ever think I would make my career through something in fashion. If you are someone reading this who knew me from high school or college, you are probably even laughing at the thought of my running my own fashion jewelry business. I'd laugh at me too. :) I went to college for a Business Degree. Had the dream of the corporate world and the corner office. Well, I somewhat got that dream right out of college...but quickly learned that working 60+ hours a week at a job you only somewhat liked on a salary that wasn't exactly fair wasn't what God wanted for me. I LOVE business and everything about it fascinates me. But God put on my heart the desire to be a housewife and some day, a stay at home mother. Premier enables me to do that. God has truly blessed Brian and me through this business. I get to work 40 hours a month instead of 60 hours a week now, and absolutely love it. I get to dress up and wear cute clothes, and am living every girls dream (whether they know it's their dream or not) of owning hundreds of different items of jewelry. I love that I make my living through meeting other ladies and in some way, enriching their lives. This picture is of Brian and me, along with the Founders of Premier Designs, Andy and Joan Horner. They are multi-millionaires and we were invited to have lunch in their home. And yea, we are making goofy faces. :)

Brian is now a Plant Supervisor at Dant Clayton Corp. It took a while for him to land a job he loves, but he's there now. :) Dant Clayton is actually where I started in my 60hr a week job...Brian doesn't usually have to work quite that much - but overseeing and managing a plant that designs, manufactures, and builds bleachers is something he is very much enjoying. It's not EXACTLY sports related, but sort of. :) Speaking of sports, Brian is in his second year of coaching high school baseball at Whitefield Academy. He absolutely LOVES it! He did a fantastic job coaching the kids last year - enough to earn them a story on the front page of the sports section of the local newspaper! It was very exciting. More than that, he loves that since he coaches for a Christian school, he has no restriction on sharing Christ with these kids. His favorite part of coaching. :)

No little Runyan on the way yet. We're working on it, but we know it will happen in God's timing. More on that another time. For now we've got our miniature schnauzer, Rino. She is truly a special dog! Long story short we found her chained to a wall in a freezing cold barn. We figure she was beaten and abused by a man because she wouldn't have anything to do with Brian for almost the first year we had her. But now she LOVES being spoiled rotten by us!

Alright, well I'm out of things to say for my "intro" blog. Drop a line any time! :)

Celebrating our Anniversary at a beautiful restaurant in Indiana.